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Origami AS dripper holder

5.500 BHD
ORIGAMI Dripper A special resin holder designed for both S and M sizes. It is designed to fit the groove

Origami Dripper Air S

6.000 BHD
The shape is the same as porcelain Origami dripper and it is light, hard to break and easy to carry. Additionally,

Origami Dripper Ceramic M

9.000 BHD
It is a dripper with bright coloring and vertical grooves that makes it look like a folded ORIGAMI. The ribs

Origami Dripper Holder Wooden

5.000 BHD
A holder that holds the ORIGAMI dripper when using it on a coffee server. Size is common. The muted colors

Origami Pinot Aroma Glass Coffee Server

6.800 BHD
A coffee server with a spout that prevents dripping, with gentle protrusions that create convection assisting coffee swirling and reducing