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Origami AS dripper holder

5.500 BHD
ORIGAMI Dripper A special resin holder designed for both S and M sizes. It is designed to fit the groove

Origami Dripper Air M

6.500 BHD
This ORIGAMI dripper is made of AS resin, which is lightweight, impact-resistant, and easy to carry. The 20 ribs (grooves)

Origami Dripper Air S

6.000 BHD
The shape is the same as porcelain Origami dripper and it is light, hard to break and easy to carry. Additionally,

Origami Dripper Ceramic M

9.000 BHD
It is a dripper with bright coloring and vertical grooves that makes it look like a folded ORIGAMI. The ribs

Origami Dripper Holder Wooden

5.000 BHD
A holder that holds the ORIGAMI dripper when using it on a coffee server. Size is common. The muted colors

Origami Pinot Aroma Glass Coffee Server

7.600 BHD
A coffee server with a spout that prevents dripping, with gentle protrusions that create convection assisting coffee swirling and reducing

Origimi Aroma Glass Coffee Server

6.800 BHD
The gentle protrusion on the bottom of the coffee server that creates convection assists swirling of the coffee and reduces