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Right Side Creonisio Correa Da Silva

5.500 BHD
Live aromas of strawberry and cherry, accompanied by cocoa. In the mouth, extravagant, complex and bright coffee with notes of

Right Side Descafeinado

5.500 BHD
Flavors of cookie, strawberry and muesli. Medium body, very clean and surprising for a decaf.

Right Side Elver Novoa Espresso

4.900 BHD
Aromas of caramel, tropical fruits, white chocolate and spices. In the mouth it presents itself as a very juicy coffee,

Right Side Fabiano Tomazini Filter

6.400 BHD
Note: 1- Pineapple 2- Cocount Water 3- Peach

Right Side Florentino Meneguetti Espresso

5.000 BHD
Aromas of grape, pear and caramel with nutty notes. Very balanced and heavy coffee on the palate, with notes of

Right Side Heleanna’s Secret Espresso

7.200 BHD
Green tea, cocoa and floral aromas. In the mouth it is presented as a cocktail of flavors with apple, black

Right Side Santa Rosa Honey Filter

6.000 BHD
Aromas of cocoa and sweet cherry and peach. In the mouth, bright coffee with a muscular body. Sparkling acidity with