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Cafec Tritan Coffee Server 400ML

10.000 BHD
The Tritan server is made using coploysters with up to 50% certified recycled content. The copolyster is a resin with

Origami AS dripper holder

5.500 BHD
ORIGAMI Dripper A special resin holder designed for both S and M sizes. It is designed to fit the groove

Origami Dripper Air S

6.000 BHD
The shape is the same as porcelain Origami dripper and it is light, hard to break and easy to carry. Additionally,

Origami Dripper Ceramic M

9.000 BHD
It is a dripper with bright coloring and vertical grooves that makes it look like a folded ORIGAMI. The ribs

Origami Dripper Holder Wooden

5.000 BHD
A holder that holds the ORIGAMI dripper when using it on a coffee server. Size is common. The muted colors

Origami Pinot Aroma Glass Coffee Server

6.800 BHD
A coffee server with a spout that prevents dripping, with gentle protrusions that create convection assisting coffee swirling and reducing

The Gabi Master A

14.000 BHD
The Gabi Master A أداة تحضير القهوة بالتقطير شبه التلقائي! حتى إذا لم يكن لديك مهارة جيدة في صناعة التقطير

Timemore C3 Pour Over Set – Wooden Style

47.000 BHD
45.825 BHD
THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES Timemore C3 Coffee Grinder Crystal Eye Glass Dripper 01 Glass Server 360ML 700ML Youth Kettle (Wooden Handle)

Timemore Ceramic Crystal Eye dripper 01

15.000 BHD
New standards for professional extraction, achieve close fit with a unique groove structure. The features of close fit looks better

Timemore Crystal Eye Brewer Set PCTG Dripper 01

12.000 BHD 11.700 BHD
TIMEMORE – Crystal Eye Brewer Set  PCTG Dripper 01 Transparent Black Include: 1) PC Dripper 01 -Black 2) Coffee Server